Japan Islamic Beauty Trip – Yokohama Days Out!

Assalamualaikum guys!

Now I am going to tell you about our first day in Tokyo! We are going to the one of the most popular place in Tokyo, Yokohama! Wohooo!

We are arrived at Yokohama around 9 AM. The sun was shining really bright, it’s a best thing that could happen for doing photo and video shooting! We are straightly going to Yamashita Park. It’s only 10 minutes walk from the station. We are walking passed through Yokohama Marine tower, the Yokohama’s landmark on our way to Yamashita Park.

Yokohama Marine Tower!

What I love the most about Tokyo are the ultra clean environment and super neat people. There was a lot of small family who do a picnic around the park or persons who walk with their pets (Mostly dog, but me and Teh Azki found a small group who walk their rabbit. Yes, RABBIT. That fluffy one with long ears!). I bet you will never found any litter from them. The trash are neatly collected to separated trash bin. In Indonesia we might found organic or non-organic trash bin. But in Tokyo, the trash bin are separated to a lot of compartment. One for like plastic bottle, one for drinking can, one for plastic, etc. Every district have it’s own rule for garbage policy. For the first timer like me, you will spend around 5 minutes in front of the trash bin and thinking, okay this is for this one, this for this one, and this is for that one, okay done! #tourist #theresalwaysafirsttime

When Aulia, Dian, and the other doing the Photo and Video Shooting, me, mbak Murni, and Teh Azki was in charge for keeping eye on our stuff. When mbak Murni was in-charge for our touching-up Dian or Aulia, I was in charge for the stuff. When I am looking for a drink on vending machine, mbak Murni will took my place and keeping eye on the stuff.

When we are almost done in Yamashita Park, mbak Carol, our make up artist was having an initiative for buying us some snack before moving to another destination. So we’re going to Mcd for buying some food. There’s a cute pancake shop called ‘Egg N Things’ next to Mcd. Would like to stop there but we have no time! (Also, unfortunately the waiting list are so loooong)

Egg ‘n Things

After snacking with chicken burger and french fries, we are moving to the next destination, Akarenga Red Brick House. We are taking water bus. It’s only need 10 minutes to reach this place. Here, team are separated. One team for Dian’s Japan Islamic Beauty Trip video shooting, and one for Aulia’s Photoshoot. Problem that was happening during photoshoot is the sun are getting dawn so quickly and we are literally running out of time for photoshoot. Mbak Afida doing her best for capturing the moment and she did it!

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

I have no time exploring Akarenga, though this place was very interesting. The only thing i successfully peeking is an art bazaar that was held in a building near our photo shoot taking place. They sell some interesting art stuff. On the building next to us, there was a big food court that also have a lot of interesting cafe. But again, because we only have a short time, we just sight seeing and moving to another place.

Yokohama Cosmo World

We are going to Yokohama Cosmo World for last shooting place today. To be honest, most of place in Tokyo can be reached by walk. So if you smart enough creating itinerary, connecting one place to another, will be efficient for our money and time. Now back on our trip! Yokohama Cosmo World are having a giant Merry-Go-Round. Seriously, your neck will be hurt so bad if you try to see the top of the Merry-Go-Round. Unfortunately, we have to wait for one hour if we want to ride the Merry-Go-Round. So, since we are running out of time, we are looking around for another thing we can play with for video shooting.


Btw, there was a jet coaster that i remember being featured in top 10 jet coaster in the world. This jet coaster have a tunnel that went under a pool. How cool is that!

The video shooting was finished around 8PM and we went home after that. Tomorrow will be more excited because we’re doing photo and video shooting in Shibuya! Stay tuned in http://www.moeslema.com for more stories about Japan Trip!


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