Airin and Japanese Vending Machine

Assalamualaikum guys!

I want to make a confession here.

I have this strange interest with vending machine. Anytime i found vending machine, i must be really excited to try it even I’m not thirsty at that time. I oftenly end up with bunch of useless drink that i don’t even touch after that.

Coming to Japan, my strange addictions was filled with unnecessary satisfaction because i find a lot of vending machine in here! I even can find one by walking 20 meters from my temporary home in Japan.

This is the standard vending machine that you will find in Japan:


I came to Japan in autumn, so the vending machine provide hot drinks. The label for cold drinks are blue, meanwhile the label for the hot drinks are red. This is my favorite vending machine drink in Japan:

Some kind of Milk Tea with extra cinnamon! Photos are @eugeniachan

and this one

Illy Issimo Espresso Affogato! One of strongest coffee i (finally) could get in Japan!

I don’t know why drinks in Japan feel a little bit tasteless than in Indonesia. I’m trying  Seems like everything was made in sugar-free or low-sugar format #ThatsWhyJapanesePeopleAreHealthy #TheyCreateEverythingBasedOnHealthyStandart #Duh

You can also find a lot of variation of vending machine, like:

Ice Cream Vending Machine
Banana Vending Machine
Chips Vending Machine

I will make another post about my favorite 7/11 drinks in Japan! Stay tuned!


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