Quick Update

*I should getting ready in 8 minutes for visiting Chae who just delivering her baby yesterday, but instead, I’m making this blog post.*

*Just peeking my phone and the discussion about visiting time are still running. Ha! I have a little time, I guess.*

Assalamualaikum guys, how’s life?

I have the most hysterical (and also historical) year ever. With Japan Islamic Beauty trip and Ria Miranda x Airin Karima collaboration collection launch, I can’t be helped but feeling very thankful for everything that happen. It’s very crazy, right? Japan Trip was starting on 19 Nov until 1 Dec, and Ria Miranda Trunk Show (Shortly called RMTS) 2016 was on 10 Dec. Both of this higlighted-of-the-year project was started after Hari Raya holiday, so you can imagine how I’m striving in work lately (die, die, die!).

The detail of Japan Islamic Beauty Trip (you can also see on www.moeslema.com) and Ria Miranda x Airin Karima Collaboration Collection will written on separated post.

I am still bad in management department, but i learn a lot from last year and hopefully i will practicing a better management in every-life-sector-and-mostly-my-working-area on 2016.As i read a quote on Vivy Yusof blog“To be successful, comfort is never the currency”. It will not easy and taking 16127638943219834 things called effort x patience, but i do believe everything will worth in the end (It’s getting closer buddy! PATIENCE! Just keep going!).

Kaleidoscope of my 2015 life will coming shortly! Stay tuned!



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