Japan Islamic Beauty Trip – The First 12 Hours in Tokyo


So, after arrived in Haneda International Airport and feel a little bit shock with Tokyo’s weather (I have to wear 3 layer of coats), the first thing I have to do is going to the toilet. After a long flight you must feel a big desire to pee, a need for touch up your make up, or maybe just want to found a mirror to make sure your total outfit look is still in good condition. Toilet in many countries can be different, but I really curious to try toilet in Japan. Do you remember a scene in ‘Cars 2′ when Mater is depressingly going to the toilet but he found out the toilet are super interesting? Well, I also have that moment! But thanks to Mater, I’m so prepared for my first toilet experience in Japan!

For me, the toilet button are easy to understand. That one for showering your back, that one for flush, and that one for drying your back. They are also have button for set your seat temperature and button for the sound of water. The last one is automatically active when you are doing your business and automatically stop when you’re done. What an experience!

After done with toilet business, we went to immigration and get the stuff done. Everything went smooth. After that, we are being picked up by car.

look at all that luggage -_-

The driver was a little bit not sure at first how we can get into the car at one time because of our stuff (Told ya we have a dozen of 40KG luggage, sorry Mr. Driver!). But after the super advance luggage arrangement by Mr. Driver itself, we are finally success to get ourself and our stuff into the car and leaving the airport.

Tokyo Highway

I enjoyed the scenery we’ve got on the way to our temporary home in Tokyo. We are going to a very long tunnel and it was really cool! The tunnel lamp are making a continuously flash when we are passed it in high speed.


The road was also very smooth, i found no hole on the asphalt. We are also pass through a lot of office buildings and apartment during our way. In my opinion, buildings in Tokyo are looked old and in sephia color tone. But my instinct told me they have a high-tech facility, just like what i experienced in the airport.

Our home in Tokyo is just 45 minutes driving from the Haneda Airport. We have a pretty big space as we rent all of the 2nd floor of the house (The owner are living downstairs, on the 1st floor). We have kitchen, living room, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, wash machine, and also a terrace! After we arrived, we went to the grocery store near our place to stuffed some food. I bought wheat bread, chocolate spread, and sliced cheese. Aulia having daily food like rice, cooking oil, chicken, and some kitchen utensils.

After all food are stuffed, team are getting some rest before starting the activity tomorrow. I have unpacking the photo shoot wardrobe and hang it on the closet. We have such a HUGE closet on our room, a very useful facility since we brought 16 set of outfit, Alhamdulillah!



Aulia then said it’s time to get transportation card called ‘suica’. So, Aulia, me, Dian, Mbak Intan, Mas Fuad, and Mas Armand went out for getting the card. At first, we thought we have to go to a big station like Shibuya or Shinjuku to get it. But surprise surprise, we can buy it on the station near our place. So we bought it on Koenji station.

Suica card

After buying suica card, we went to Shibuya, meet our friend who will join and helping us during the trip.

Shibuya was veryyyyyyyy crowded! I was amazed of how much human gathered on this area! People are flowing from almost every where!

When we are in Shibuya, we are separated in a little group. Mbak Intan and Aulia are meeting Azki, our friend who will join and helping us in this trip. Mas Fuad and Mas Armand are stocking some time lapse image on Shibuya Crossing. Meanwhile me and Dian are sight seeing around shibuya. There’s a lot of tax-free shop who offering many interesting stuff with discount price. But since we are not planning shopping (and runing out of money) this early, we are just doing window shopping, LOL.

Then we went to one of our coffee shop to get ourself a hot caramel macchiato. They write the menu (that one written in the black chalkboard) in Japanese, but Alhamdulillah the waiters handed us the english-written menu. Okay we can survive here without accidentaly ordering grande size of Iced Coffee Latte in this 8 degree celcius weather.

Hot Caramel Machiatto in front of Shibuya Crossing

After having our coffee, me and Dian went back to Hachiko statue, our meeting point with Aulia and the others. The team are already gathered right there. We are going home after that.

From this 12 hours of me experiencing Tokyo, I found this city are simply fascinating. Every moment, you will be stunned with how this place surround you. Tomorrow will be more excited since we are starting our REAL activity in Tokyo, Photo and Video Shooting! Super excited and can’t wait to tell you more about the Japan Islamic Beauty Trip! See you on my next post!


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