Japan Islamic Beauty Trip – Departure Day

Assalamualaikum guys!

So, this is the very first time i went to Tokyo, Japan. We’re having Garuda Indonesia for our airlines. There’s a proud inside of me going abroad and use this no 1 local airlines in Indonesia, hehe.


Me, Aulia, and Dian are arrived around 6PM. There’s no traffic on our way to the airport, but dunno why the high way was very crowded. Moeslema team was also there for send us off to Tokyo (how sweet all of you, guys). This trip was supported by wardah cosmetics. The wardah team was joining us at the airport on 8PM. We had, umm, like a dozen of 40kg luggage. Wardrobe, make up, personal belonging, and some camera + video tools. Alhamdulillah Garuda Indonesia provide us group check-in and also 46kg baggage for each person!

The departure time is 11.35 PM Jakarta’s time. We are scheduled to be arrived in Tokyo on 08.50 AM. Seven hours of non-stop flight (Tokyo are 2 hours earlier than Jakarta). No transit, yeay! Everything was running smoothly, from ticketing to immigration. We are already on Boarding Room around 11PM. There are a lot of passenger waiting for get into the plane, and by a lot, i mean seriously a lot. There was even a Junior High School group on our plane. Do everyone usually plan a Japan Trip on November?

Just about 15 minutes after that, we are being called to get into the plane. Unfortunately we aren’t get a seating placement together. We are separated into small group which each of us paired with one person. My seat are with Dian the Top Blogger. Behind me, there is Aulia and Mbak Afida.

The plane take off right on schedule. And here you go, 7 hours of flight. People are starting their inflight entertaiment. I was really busy getting my self comfortable with seat and blanket for the first 30 minutes.


I have this bad habit of melek (staring widely) during the flight for every first trip i took. It was like I am so excited and didn’t want to miss every single minutes of my first time experiencing something hahaha. I’m having ‘Song of the Sea’ as my movie during the flight. It was a pretty and water color detailed movie. The soundtrack was also pretty much describing the culture they trying to brought up to the audience.

I was finally fall asleep for one hour and wake up just in time when the sunrise show up. Masha Allah that was one of the beautiful sky color i ever see. It was a combination of pink and blue. Perfectly just like Pantone color of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity!


The time for landing has come. My heart beat so fast. I am so excited with my first time visiting Tokyo. My grandpa also have worked here, in Yokohama to be specific. The landing was smooth. We are get our cabin bag, and then walking out from the plane.

Tokyo Haneda Airport

The breeze of Tokyo autumn’s weather welcoming me, the tropical girl who never live under 22°C (The only autumn-winter experience i had was on my babyhood time in Sydney but that was 20 years ago).

Well hello Tokyo, I’m ready for the adventure!


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