A New Life has Begun

You may ask how come a graphic designer going on a trip to Japan ? To be honest, now i’m no longer only graphic designer / creative for http://www.moeslema.com. I am also Co-Founder for Moeslema. Simply said, I am a vice president for Moeslema. I haven’t change my job title on my business card. But since I’m the one who do designing the business card and print it, well, i can do it later LOL.

It was a night on 5 Oct 2015 when Pepi Sensei drop the bomb. I was on his office with Aulia for meeting. He just came back from Japan for a business trip. In the middle of his trip i was chat him (well, bombing him, to be honest) to find me a tamagotchi. Yesss, that one 90’s toy hehehe. When he was about to go downstairs to meet us, of course that was grinning all over my face. And then I ask him,

“Did you get my Tamagotchi?”

He stop on his 2nd steps on walking down the stairs, and he said,

“Aaaaah sorry airin, I completely forget about the Tamagotchi! Sorry, sorry, really sorry!”

Jaw dropping. I know Pepi Sensei was one of that Mr. Forgetful. But no, not for this one. I was like, okay, breath in, breathe out. Takes everything in control. Okay, back to normal.

“You don’t forget about it, don’t you…………………….”

“Sorry Airin, very sorry, but i really forget about it…”

Okay it is serious. This situation is real. My heart is shattered into pieces and my head are flying somewhere.

“Okay then…”

A very long silence after that. No I’m not crying. Well, trying my best not to crying. The 5 years old in me not prepared for this. I was manyun all the time LOL.

But then Pepi Sensei put a small orange plastic bag in front of me. It’s written ‘Kiddy Land’ on it. Inside, there is a box wrapped in silver gift wrap paper with green ribbon on top. I was take a look on that, and then my eye moving to Pepi Sensei. I give him my best silent-but-suspicious eyes on him.

It was his chance grinning and i know i’ve got pranked. OKAY YOU WIN, NOW WHERE’S MY TAMAGOTCHI. Without waiting any longer, I reached the plastic bag, and carefully opened it. One washi-tape at the time (I have this habit to open a gift very carefully, even though i will store it sembarangan back then). That was the yellow one! I’m beyond happy since it was the same color when i had my first tamagotchi back in elementary school time.

And then after the Tamagotchi drama, the meeting was started. I put the tamagotchi next to my laptop, mean while i am working for some poster revision. Pepi Sensei and Aulia was talking a lot and i was listening while replying/answer one or two question they asked my opinion about. Sometimes I’m eyeing my tamagotchi from my eye corner and be very thankful i had one.

It was one of the most hardest part on the meeting that Pepi Sensei trying to explain. Drum roll and he drop the question about my part on Moeslema. Short story, I was offered a promotion. Of course it will comes with new responsibility. But since the responsibility wasn’t far from what i work now, I easily said yes. I was also under happy influence of my new tamagotchi, I guess. LOL.

“Since you are accept the offer, you’re going to Japan next month!”

Hmmm okay wait. What Sensei?

And then Sensei make it clear about the Japan things. He also told me i better start to learn Japanese since that would be a lot of email in Japanese for my new role in near future. He also give me a lot of advice at this point.

A little bit chaos and exhausted to think about it, but I’m super excited to this new challenge. It will took a lot of patience, a lot of discussion, and a lot of new thing to learn. I was really thankful the BOD are really thinking about me (surprise, surprise!) and give me a chance to show my best performance. Definitely will do my best!


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